Yoan Prat

I’m using my energy and my passion for communities to serve our team, our vision, our business the best I can.

Yoan understands multiculturalism. Born in France, his family moved 11 times, including to the Central African Republic, before settling in Paris when he was 14.

Before Yard, Yoan founded a creative studio working for Jordan Brand, Nike, and YSL This adventure led him to co-found OFIVE, a music TV channel at the early stage of the mainstream rise of urban culture. Through its media and cultural events, OFIVE helped shape in France the soon-to-be mainstream culture for youth around the world.

Four years later, he and his partner, Tom Brunet, co-founded Yard with the same core team of eight people. Adding a consultancy for brands pushed Yard to become an agency supported by Nike, Apple, Converse and Havana Club within just three years.

What are you most excited about for kyu’s next five years?

Always pushing further and trying to improve, working with the “mamba mentality,” our leadership team tries to never lose focus of the heart of what we do: our project, our people, our team, our role.

In this challenging time for the world and current model of society, I’m excited about our ability as a group to evolve, and through creativity, to find some ways for our business to be part of a more logical tomorrow, never mind its scale.