Adweek Creative 100: Marie-Elaine Benoit

We are excited to share that Marie-Elaine Benoit, Sid Lee Creative Director, was selected as an honoree of Adweek’s Creative 100.

The annual list is based off of the most inspiring and innovative worldwide agency creators. This year, it holds stronger as we navigate these troubling times. It's invigorating to have this creativity help guide and lead us. 

Ranked as an inspiring rising star in the industry, Marie-Elaine brings her passion and drive. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, she’s crafted her skill with a thoughtful perspective of design. 

“My approach is something that I describe as purposeful design. Everything that I create needs to work together and make sense in order to build a story that’s unique to each brand I work with. Every element in my work is there for a reason and to add value. I’m an advocate for creative intelligence in design. For me, the work is about so much more than what it looks like. I create with a sense of purpose, ingenuity, and storytelling to produce work that’s capable of shaping the people and places it reaches.”

Read more about Marie-Elaine Benoit here