ATÖLYE adds new area of exploration: ATÖLYE Academy

Recently, ATÖLYE launched a new platform, ATÖLYE Academy, to complement their Creative Hub and Strategic Design Studio.

ATÖLYE often partners with organizations to help bring about transformation through design in a deeply collaborative approach. As part of this new offering, ATÖLYE Academy will equip individuals, teams, and organizations with the necessary skills and capabilities in creative leadership, radical collaboration, and systemic design. 

For their next stage, they reflected on their role with their partners' and community members’ journeys—and found three questions to sift through:

How can we lead the change while discovering our potential and adapting to the ever-changing world?

How might we facilitate radical collaborations that build on our differences to remain agile in a world full of ambiguity?

How can we design long-term systemic solutions to the complex problems of our time?

In this additional framework, ATÖLYE is further expanding its offering, allowing them to go deeper into experimentation leading to radical discoveries in an ever-changing landscape. 

ATÖLYE Academy already has learning programs, digital tools, and events underway for both individuals and organizations. They’ve kicked off their programming with an inspirational “Life Lessons” series featuring Sandy Spiecher, CEO of IDEO. Focusing on what leadership looks like in the 21st century and how she’s navigated times through learning, listening, and reframing. Next up was the first episode of their event series on the power of facilitation that is set to take place every month titled “Facilitation Meetups” where ATÖLYE Academy presents a space for experienced facilitators, new practitioners and anyone else interested to experiment with facilitation methods within a safe environment and deepen their practice.

On April 21-22, ATÖLYE Academy will host a virtual Liberating Structures (LS) immersion workshop. Participants will explore and experiment with LS’s simple social technologies that help facilitate quality in-person and online collaborations in both professional and personal contexts.

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