BEworks Conversations

BEworks has launched BEworks Conversations, a series featuring Kelly Peters, CEO and Co-founder, in conversation with a host of world leading behavioral scientists.

Occurring weekly, they discuss the human side of the challenges we face as a society, what evidence we have to address them, and how organizations should move forward.

The topics of discussion include:

  • How people respond to the risks of COVID with Professor Jonathan Howard of NYU
  • How brand loyalty will evolve post COVID with Professor Barbara Kahn of Wharton
  • How to combat misinformation and pseudoscience with BEworks co-founder and Professor Dan Ariely of Duke University
  • The role of rituals in parenting, productivity, and health with Professor Michael Norton of Harvard Business School

BEworks is built on the belief in transforming society and the economy through scientific thinking. Through these conversations, they hope to shed light on different perspectives from leading experts on how science really works, why there are so many misperceptions around it, and how scientific thinking can help both individuals and organizations.

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