C2 Montréal 2016: fun facts and chewy bits

After 130 talks, panels, masterclasses and workshops, 3,000 lab sessions, 2,200 brain dates, one very small horse, tens of thousands of sticky notes, and countless chance meetings and inspiring conversations, C2 Montréal 2016 is now officially behind us.

Thank you for joining us and making this edition of C2 Montréal the best edition of C2 Montréal (yet)!

A few fun facts about our 5th edition:

  • 6,000 participants

  • Over 50 countries represented

  • 5 delegations from China, Israel, Estonia, France and Latin America
    200 000 square feet of overall event space for networking and program activities

  • More than 20,000 production hours (man hours) to set up the village

  • 102.96 km walked from May 20–26 by the site coordination team

  • 8,349 emails exchanged by Concierge Extraordinaire and participants

  • 3,000 plants

  • 300 volunteers

  • 87 musical performers

  • 5 sketching robots

  • 6 sketching humans

  • 5 experimental brainstorming experiences designed by the C2 Labs team

  • 3 677 170 pixels on the Forum Solotech screen

  • 86 boat rides

  • 182 km of cables

  • 401 chocolatines sold (the top selling pastry at C2 Montréal 2016)

  • 3 cell phones found in the ball pool

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be crunching more numbers and compiling the content to prepare the Minutes, a written and illustrated summary of what was discussed over the course of those 3 days (it will look something like this – sign up for our newsletter to get it delivered straight to your inbox).

We’re also analyzing the results of our first concerted sustainability efforts.

Until then, there is quite a bit of online content to chew on. The Social Squad did an amazing job at picking up on everything in real time (so good a job that we reached 47.4 million on social media), creating and collecting all sorts of delicious bits and pieces:

  • Read and watch the snippy Storify recaps of Day 1Day 2 and Day 3

  • See what happens when the community gets challenged to a game of C2 Bingo

  • Check out the community’s Instagram feed.

We also gathered over 5 TB worth of video. We don’t systematically upload full conferences, but we will be publishing a few choice bits – we’re also considering trying our hand at podcasts.

The photos. So many photos. As we sort through the 49,500 shots taken by our trigger-happy photographers, we’re archiving them in the photos and videos section, as well as creating all sorts of albums on Facebook. See if you can spot all of the lovely people you met!

New photos, videos and articles are also starting to pop up here and there, keep sharing parts of your own journey using the #C2M16 hashtag. See you there!

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