Celebrating the Biggest Mural in NYC with City-As-School

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City-As-School + SYPartners

What was our intention?
City-As-School (CAS) is one of New York city’s oldest, public, progressive high schools with notable creative alumni including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mos Def, and Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys. MAD Academy is a pre-professional training initiative within CAS developed by educators Maria Krajewski and Alex Falk. SYPartners wishes to amplify CAS students and MAD programs using through partnership and support. (And this is only the beginning.)

What did we do?
Earlier this month, SYPartners hosted an unveiling party for The Biggest Mural in NYC, a mural adorning  City-As-School’s west-facing facade, which was created by student muralists and notable artists Magda Love and Kobra. At the unveiling, CAS students and artists led guests through the creative process behind the 20,000 square foot mural, which rises above Hudson Street between Houston and Clarkson. The event gave the students a space to amplify and celebrate their MAD Academy creative projects.

How did this drive impact?
By hosting the event in a corporate space unfamiliar to the CAS students, we wished to instill in them a sense of belonging in such spaces, and a pride in their creative work that they can carry forward in future projects. Our ultimate goal was for students to feel a sense of deep pride and accomplishment by bearing witness to adults being so inspired by their work.

What do we aspire to do next?
For the remainder of 2018, SYPartners staffers will help the students create a new mural that represents the essence of the school. The students will meet for weekly worksessions at SYPartners aimed at their discovery of the school’s identity, exploration of design directions, creation of prototypes, gathering of feedback, all the way through execution.

MAD Academy has set a fundraising goal of $2000 to provide supplies and construction rentals to make this student mural possible. Please follow the Donors Choose link below to contribute.

Want to learn more?
Visit bit.ly/cityasmural to learn more or make a tax-deductible gift to the student mural.

Photo courtesy of SYPartners