Exploring the problem of plastic pollution and its effects on the ocean first-hand

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Parley + adidas + Infrared

What was Infrared’s intention?

The adidas Parley Ocean School event aimed to educate and empower a new class of ambassadors for the movement. This ocean expedition was dedicated to deepening scientific and cultural understanding of marine environments, with a focus on promoting stewardship, awareness, and solutions in the local community, as well as back home. During this event, adidas Tango Squad and Manchester United players explored first-hand how the problem of plastic pollution is affecting beaches and waters, threatening marine habitats as well as the future of coastal communities.

What did Infrared do?

Participants experienced the beauty of the ocean through water activities while immersed in the deep blue. Throughout the day, the teams learned about threats posed by marine plastic pollution and the importance of encouraging greater action amongst the international community. The educational session featured talks by Parley and Greg Long, a legendary surfer and Parley Ambassador. This session successfully educated, challenged and inspired the young athletes to become true ambassadors for the oceans. adidas showcased their shoes made entirely from Parley Ocean Plastic®, a material made from plastic waste intercepted in marine environments and in coastal communities.

How did this drive impact?

The players were challenged and inspired to use their influence to raise awareness and become true ambassadors for the oceans. The
Manchester United 2018/19 season third kit is made from Parley Ocean Plastic®, a symbol representing their cause.

What does Infrared aspire to do next?

It was an honor to partner with adidas, Parley, and Manchester United for such a noble cause. Infrared looks forward to partnering and working with organizations that are contribute positively to the environment, social issues, and humanity overall.

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Photo courtesy of Infrared