Find Your Next Inspiration in the kyu Creative Library

As we approach the last stretch of summer, for many of us it is an opportunity to refresh, renew, and recharge. At kyu we are proud to have some of the most brilliantly creative minds at work – but even they look forward to time spent away.

So we asked all around the collective – from different offices to even different countries – about what they turn to when they crave creative inspiration. What do they read to learn something new? What do they watch to gain a new perspective? What have they encountered that left an indelible impression on the work they do now?

The result: the kyu creative library.

This virtual library consists not only of books, but documentaries, podcasts, websites, YouTube channels, and other types of media that various kyu members find inspiring and illuminating. Browse our virtual library, where you’ll find recommendations from the familiar to the unexpected.

Here are few highlights from our wide-ranging catalog:


Information is Beautiful – Michael Birkin, kyu CEO

This is simply the most creative book ever written on the need for clear explanation of information. An absolute must for anyone who needs to put a presentation together. A beautiful book to glance through. Pictorially perfect.


99% Invisible – Tara Hunt & Maria Vassiliou, C2

Roman Mars has been producing this popular podcast since 2010 and if you get hooked and need more there over 240 episodes in the archives. Each week, they explore another aspect of design, architecture and/or culture that we take for granted in the world around us. The name comes from a quote by Buckminster Fuller: “Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.”


Sky Ladder – Lisa Maulhardt, SYPartners

This documentary shows one of the most astonishing levels of commitment to produce something of beauty – something we hold to when we’re at our best.


BEcause Experiential Marketing – Kelly Weinberg, Infrared

This blog features the latest in experiential marketing activations but is a really smart marketing strategy from an experienced agency. Competition at its best.

Browse through the full library and pick out your end-of-summer inspiration! If you don’t see your go-to creative source listed, message or tweet us using the hashtag #kyulibrary with your suggestions!