Gehl Joins kyu Collective

Pioneers of urban strategy and design since their founding more than two decades ago, Gehl is the newest member of the Collective.

Focused on bringing human-centered perspectives of lived experience to the forefront of urban strategy, design, and research, and with studios in Copenhagen, New York and San Francisco, Gehl will continue to be led by founding partner and CEO, Helle Søholt.

“Gehl and kyu share a mindset and urgency for change. The time is ripe to commit to a collective approach that kyu represents and accelerate our impact globally,” said Søholt.

In recent years, Gehl has collaborated with kyu member firms IDEO, ATÖLYE and SYPartners. The kyu Collective and Gehl have been working towards this partnership even before Covid forced the world to rethink its shared spaces.

“Public space is the foundation that holds our societies together and we need to evolve our best ideas to catalyse systemic social and environmental change," said Farah Ramzan Golant, kyu'sPresident.

Adding, "Gehl will provide a distinctive perspective on an ever-growing set of global challenges, leveraging their own mastery and workingcollaboratively with kyu member companies to achieve the impact we seek. This is the future that we both dream of and fight for.”