Harnessing the Power of Movement: RedPeak Rebrands MoveOn.org

MoveOn.org is America’s largest independent, digitally-connected activist group, which aims to build a progressive, inclusive future for all. Founded in 1998, MoveOn.org views its members as “a force for social justice and political progress” and firmly believes in collaboration as a catalyst for change.

First known for its digital petition regarding the Clinton Impeachment, current MoveOn campaigns include defending the Mueller Investigation, opposing President Trump’s anti-immigration agenda, supporting many progressive candidates for office, and fighting gun violence and the National Rifle Association (NRA). Over 7 million members engage with efforts through the organization.

With such pressing, powerful projects underway, MoveOn was in need of a makeover that represented their potential and impact. Noting that activism had switched toward a resistance-style movement in light of the current political climate, MoveOn wanted to refocus itself as a driving force of progress and action.

MoveOn therefore came to RedPeak with a need for efficiency and urgency. The organization wanted to stand out in today’s flurry of messaging and media, and to be seen as a guiding light and resource for Americans seeking to get active and stand up for their democracy. MoveOn was looking for a way to not only highlight its progressive values, but also express the need for timely action.

A full-service branding agency, RedPeak builds “brands that bond,” with the aim of uniquely connecting companies and consumers. Though their core business model revolves around creating relationships that turn a business into a true brand, this model resonates as well with non-profit organizations seeking to build a movement.

The team at RedPeak jumped at the opportunity, immediately becoming invested in the organization. According to Michelle Caganap, Group Account Director at RedPeak’s New York office, the team believed in MoveOn and “wanted to build a brand as vibrant, dynamic, and powerful as its awe-inspiring members. We felt there was a lot to live up to, and that especially in this time in our history, the stakes were high.”

The team created a new look and feel for MoveOn, with a defined mission and solution to their branding needs. According to Michelle, the original brand had been stuck in the past; now MoveOn is on par with the best digital platforms in the world.

The new look and feel is engaging and encourages action and resistance from participants. This cross-platform rebrand positions MoveOn at the center of the fight for progressive values as a uniting force for Americans. It highlights participant involvement, and values “Justice, Equality, Care for Others, Democracy, and Dignity.”

The entire rebrand was done democratically and involved MoveOn’s full staff and membership. The new brand was built both for and by the organization. From brief to launch, the entire process took about 10 months and was executed by a team of eight.

With passion for the project and organization, it is clear the project team was successful. “We’re proud to have built a dynamic, digital-first brand that makes MoveOn relevant and ready to disrupt today’s complex political climate,” Michelle said. “It amplifies a timely and timeless message of People-Powered Progress, and arms members with visual tools to assist in taking action.”

Photo courtesy of RedPeak