In Partnership with HBO, DK wins a Creative Arts Emmy Award

“We couldn’t be more excited about the Emmy win for Westworld. Our collaboration with HBO on such thought-provoking content not only challenges us to raise the bar on what is possible creatively, but to tap into popular culture and drive conversation around many of the questions around technology, AI, and the future,” said Cynthia Biamon, Managing Director of DK’s Los Angeles office. “It’s rare to find not only such fantastic client partners as HBO, but also material that inspires boundless imagination. We look forward to continuing the journey.”

In developing the strategy and execution of the Westworld Digital Experience, Digital Kitchen sought to create an interactive in-world experience that was an extension of the actual show. The Discover Westworld site was designed around the idea that the theme park was open for business – and included a faux booking system enhanced by a chat bot, AI host developed in partnership with Google, and a mysterious Westworld company intranet.

The innovative, responsive site invites visitors to dive deeper: As they explore they encounter hidden glitches and secret codes that seem to mimic the odd events taking place on the show itself. Additionally, DK placed strategic Easter eggs and leaked customized assets from the series that led up to its premiere to drive interest and engagement.

Working in close partnership with HBO, Kilter Films, and Google, Digital Kitchen delivered hundreds of multimedia and traditional assets based on DK creative and strategy across a number of digital channels. DK is eager to continue to work with HBO on evolving the experience between seasons and into Season 2.