Joining Forces for C2 Montréal - Part 1

Known for being anything but business as usual, C2 MTL is C2’s flagship event – attracting over 6,000 innovators, executives, global visionaries, creatives, entrepreneurial icons, and social game changes to beautiful Montréal.

True to our collective spirit, this year C2 also invited fellow kyu companies to contribute to the conference programming by hosting masterclasses and workshops. In this three-part series, we talked to a few kyu members to find out how they got involved.

Part 1: “Leading Into the Unknown”

A Masterclass with Sara Kalick and Marc Winter, SYPartners

What was the objective of your masterclass?
Twenty-first century leadership is an entirely new beast from what was required of leaders a century ago. Based on SYPartners’s 20+ years of experience working with some of the world’s most forward-thinking CEOs, our workshop was designed to help leaders practice the capabilities required to go beyond managing what is known, and to lead into the unknown: Optimism, Creativity, Authentic Communication, and Humanity.

Tell us about your approach. How did you structure your class and the activities?
A roll-up-your-sleeves style work session, each participant did a short self-diagnosis on his or her leadership today and then picked one capability to practice. Leaders who focused on Optimism practiced reframing. For Creativity, they experimented with prototyping. Authentic Communication, storytelling. And for Humanity a combination of identifying their superpowers and how to build unbreakable duos.

What are some interesting and/or outcomes from the session?
The session kicked up a lot of interest in hosting future “Leading Into the Unknown” events; in Leadfully (a leadership development platform that helps individuals and teams go deeper into adopting these capabilities); and finally in some potential relationships.

If you were to host again next year, is there anything you would do differently?
Thankfully, there was a ton of demand for our work session. With positive intent, we let those on the wait list join, however, the room was a bit too full and may have taken away from the experience for those who had signed up in advance. Next time, we would probably stick to the program.

Photo courtesy of SYP

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