Kepler joins kyu

We are pleased to announce the newest member of the kyu Collective — Kepler Group, a digital marketing services company. With innovation and creative collaboration central to our collective’s values, Kepler is a perfect addition to our growing community.

Established in 2012, Kepler provides digital media and CRM services to Fortune 500 clients such as American Express, Bed Bath & Beyond, J. Crew, Fidelity, and 1-800 Contacts. With 170 staff members to date, Kepler is headquartered in New York City and has offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

As one of the fastest-growing digital marketing services companies in recent years, Kepler’s innovative spirit and data-driven approach has made it a disruptor in the marketing and advertising industry.

Kepler excels at delivering messages and ads to consumers with extreme precision and achieves this across paid digital media such as promoted, web-based ads and across database-driven customer marketing channels such as email, call centers and direct mail. It even created its own software program — the Kepler Intelligence Platform™ (KIP) — which delivers highly personal marketing across multiple platforms and channels. KIP is distinguished by its ability to centralize data integration, automate campaign design and optimization, and deliver real-time insights.

Kepler CEO Rick Greenberg shares his excitement about joining kyu, highlighting the symbiotic potential presented by the opportunity to work with leading companies in the collective.

“Kepler’s role is to be the activation engine for smarter marketing. We’re at our best when we have a better understanding of what motivates people. We use data science to build higher quality models and algorithms, and we deliver maximum results when able to collaborate with forward thinking creative partners,” Greenberg says. “kyu’s portfolio companies are leaders in each of these areas. Together we can offer clients everything they need to achieve success in today’s more personalized, tech-driven marketing environment.”

Kepler will play a vital role in the growth of kyu. By bringing in a partner that has developed its own proprietary technology and advanced targeting techniques, kyu’s creativity will be better streamlined 
and optimized. Furthermore, we will be better able to cut through the clutter and properly report our impact.

Finally, Kepler will also have an opportunity to work with our parent company, Hakuhodo DY Holdings, as both work to pave the way in next-generation media.

“In Kepler, we’ve found the vanguard in the data-driven marketing revolution,” kyu CEO Michael Birkin comments. “Four years into our ambitious project, kyu continues to gather problem-solvers from different areas of expertise and to redefine creativity through the juxtaposition of art and science – for the express purpose of successfully tackling some of our most urgent challenges. With Kepler, we are one step closer to fulfilling that vision.”