kyu House Is Open

Leaders from around kyu Collective and members of the local community came out to celebrate yesterday's official opening.

Committed to propelling action and delivering solutions around climate change, thought leaders from the kyu Collective set the tone for the week of programming by championing the power of collective creativity. 

With moderator Gehl CEO Helle Søholt, Copenhagen mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen led the night’s pre-opening; “Sonic Weaver” Whaia set sacred intentions for the week ahead. 

Aware that scientific analysis has not done enough to change our actions around climate, kyu CEO Michael Birkin cautioned, “I do not believe climate is a planetary problem. It’s a human problem, and until we see it within those terms, we’re not going to fix it.” 

Jessica Orkin, SYPartners’ CEO, seconded Birkin’s belief that this year’s COP marks a turning point in how people are responding to the serious issues being presented by climate change. 

“This is a year when there are incredible, interesting cross-sectors,” she said. “Starting with creativity and creating the space for it, then activating and galvanizing the innovation, the technology, the willingness to invest… that’s where real change can happen.”

The night’s program impressed upon the audience that this year’s summit highlighted how important it is to take care of the Earth, and to take positive actions to improve it. 

Guests also experienced the house’s special on-site installations: The Loom, an art installation created by Architecture + Other Things; and A Future World, an interactive exploration of a tomorrow transformed by climate action. 

“The questions we are asking at COP28 are complex,” said IDEO Senior Design Director Alex Gallafent, while presenting a fast-moving interactive Climate Lab. “There are no easy answers.”