Launching the kyu Portfolio

Home to almost 300 dynamic examples of the kyu Collective’s work, the kyu Portfolio is finally opening to showcase the immense depth and breadth of our impact.

In the spirit of the collective, the kyu Portfolio exemplifies how kyu and our member companies use a full range of creative and scientific tools – e.g. design, strategy, behavioral science, convening, data science, and more – to understand and explore what societies need now, and what they will need in the future. The kyu Portfolio displays major projects by all kyu member companies: BEworksC2Digital KitchenHornall AndersonIDEOInfraredRedPeakSid LeeSYPartners, and our newest member, Kepler. It also includes projects by our partner company Mic.

The kyu Portfolio is designed to be interactive, easily malleable, and ever-changing.  The cards that line the walls are all meant to be removed, with brief information about the case study to be found on the back. The walls are covered, floor to ceiling, with hanging cards that depict specific case studies, as well as video reels shown on mounted iPads and projection screens.

The exercises on the tables in the room also inspire hands-on collaboration. Each table asks participants to select two or three case studies from the wall that resonate with them the most, place them on the table and explain connections that they see between the works. Afterwards, a picture can be taken of the analysis, and the new ideas can be added into the exhibit. This activity is meant to not only spark discussions about past projects, but also to leverage them as catalysts for future joint efforts.

The case studies are currently arranged by five overarching themes — catalyzing society and culture, evolving business, making things in new ways, creating spaces, and bringing brands to life. These themes are meant to be fluid, and subject to change as the exhibit evolves and visitors themselves suggest new themes and patterns.

“kyu has reached a point where we needed to show and communicate the depth and breadth of our work across our collective,” says CEO Michael Birkin. “The kyu Portfolio is the perfect way to accomplish this.”

Gathering and curating nearly 300 examples from 10 member companies was truly a group effort. Led by Keith Yamashita of SYPartners and Paul Bennett of IDEO, cross-kyu teams worked hard to put together an immersive, thought-provoking, and collaborative experience.

The month of April will act as a soft launch, as we continue to work through member feedback and improve the experience.  The kyu Portfolio is the first event to be held in kyu Studios. Our goal is to build kyu Studios in all major kyu cities worldwide to expand the impact of the collective and inspire collaboration.

We are thrilled about what is to come. Please follow along on and our FacebookTwitter, and newly launched Instagram. All handles are @kyu_collective. Stay tuned!