Making Collaboration Work with 99U

The problems we face as designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives, and civic leaders are escalating in complexity, and they require diverse minds to come together to solve them. Collaboration is essential, but not always easy.

That’s why SYPartners hosted a Studio Session called “Making Collaboration Work,” as part of Adobe’s 99U Conference
this month in New York City.

We invited nearly 80 conference-goers to do the important work of examining the makeup of their teams and their own role within them—and we gave them tools and insights to foster better collaboration (including one of our favorite tools, the Superpowers Card Deck).

We were proud to offer this session alongside other incredible organizations represented at the 99U Conference, including Google, Spotify, Shinola, The New Yorker, MoMa, and others.

If you’re interested in working with us to build better teams and develop great leaders, contact us at