Meet Kepler London

Mallory Anderson is the London office lead and director of client development in EMEA. She also directs the Marketing Analytics team across Kepler offices.

She first joined Kepler in 2014 as a member of the Client Solutions team. In early 2017, she transitioned to the Marketing Analytics team, and has spent the last two years focused on delivering more frequent, automated, and advanced analytics to ensure employee success and deliver insights to clients.

What led to the opening of the London office?

Opening an office in London was something that Rick (Kepler’s CEO) and I talked about as early as 2014. We knew that we would eventually need and want to have an international presence, and London seemed like a natural first branch. We’d spoken about it several times over the last few years, but last summer finally decided on early 2018. Several of our clients have international presence, and we’d begun to have meaningful conversations with them about expansion. We also thought that our offering would be attractive in Europe even (or perhaps especially) in a post-GDPR world.

What about London’s market is desirable for Kepler?

London seemed like a great city to plant Kepler’s first international flag. Based on conversations we’d had with partners and consultants on the ground, we understood that there was a market in the UK for the kind of full transparency (100% access to cost information, campaign data, and optimization decisions) and flexible model (i.e. co-location, partnership with in-house teams) that Kepler offers. We also saw London as an excellent hub, in terms of location, from which to conduct business across Europe/EMEA.

What is your current team like?

By the end of September we’ll have representation from each of our client delivery functions teams — Optimization & Innovation, Client Solutions, and Marketing Analytics. Having all three departments represented in London is not only essential for delivering on clients’ needs, but also helps to foster creative and collaborative thinking.

What unique value does Kepler bring to the London office?

We believe that Kepler’s core differentiators in the US market ring true in London as well. The Kepler Intelligence Platform™ — our proprietary database and suite of tools and — enable our teams to target more effectively, launch and optimize campaigns more quickly, and deliver advanced and meaningful analyses to our clients. Our people are true strategic thinkers – they are marketers that leverage technology to its fullest. Kepler’s commitment to full transparency, and our full willingness to partner and integrate with in-house digital marketing teams, should resonate well in the UK market, where there is still a surprising presence of black-box work and outmoded service models.

What are some goals you have for the London office’s first year?

Of course, our primary goal is to grow a client base in London and throughout EMEA, both by expanding existing client relationships and establishing new ones. As we begin to service more clients out of our London office, real success for us will be seeing the measurable impact we can have on their marketing performance. As a part of our growth, we also hope to establish a distinct voice and brand in the London digital marketing landscape.

Around the time that Kepler was gearing up for the launch of its London office, it also joined the kyu Collective. What does joining our collective mean to you?

Joining the kyu collective has been nothing short of amazing. For Kepler as a whole it is incredibly inspiring to be a part of a community doing such diverse, interesting, and impactful work. For the London office, joining kyu has provided us with a built-in network and community of like-minded marketers and innovators. Many kyu colleagues attended our launch event in June, and we’ve continued to have knowledge-sharing conversations with teams in the UK and on the continent. We are continually impressed and inspired by the work being done across the collective and are excited to strengthen relationships with our kyu partners in Europe, whether it is through collaboration on projects or just meeting regularly for a pint.