Meet the newest kyu member: Hornall Anderson

kyu has always set out to be a different collective. Our member companies offer a considerable breadth and depth of specialties and services, but they also share a few essential traits: They do brilliant work that leaves a positive impact.

They are unafraid to try something new. And perhaps most crucial of all, they are committed to creative collaboration.

It is not easy to find the right companies, but we have found one in Hornall Anderson.

Hornall Anderson designs how brands and people come together. For over 35 years, they have looked forward and created with purpose. In each project they find an opportunity to explore, refine and share one-of-a-kind experiences. From consumer packaging and brand identity to environmental interactive installations and innovation centers, they have made a name for themselves working with major brands such as Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, and Microsoft – to name a few.

Plus they have racked up over three decades’ worth of industry awards and accolades to prove it – including ADDY, Clio, London International, Mobius, ONEShow, and FAB awards.

With current CEO John Anicker retiring, Founder and Chairman Jack Anderson will return to lead the company’s transition as CEO. Without doubt Jack’s unparalleled leadership skills will drive Hornall Anderson’s next phase of strategic growth.

This exciting new addition also presents a unique opportunity to form a closer alliance with kyu’s existing branding and creative experience agencies – Digital Kitchen and Red Peak. Although to be clear these three will still operate independently, they will be exploring together how to redefine and reinvent what a 21st century branding and creative experience agency should be.

At kyu we work hard to ensure we have the right mix of companies – integrating into our collective a high standard of creativity, excellence, and collaboration. Without question we have found such qualities in Hornall Anderson, and we look forward to seeing not only their next phase of growth but also how they will shape our own for the better at kyu.

Photo courtesy of Hornall Anderson