Rebranding Red Peak

Specializing in strategy and design, Red Peak has been making waves with their recent work on Brighthouse and Avnet – not only capturing the essence of such companies but also expressing them in a stunning visual identity across all traditional and digital platforms.

As one can only imagine, such a task may only seem simple – but is in fact far from easy.

Yet what happens when a firm like Red Peak examines its own identity – i.e. when a branding company rethinks its own branding?

In this excerpt, Red Peak gives a fascinating look at its months-long process of rebranding: from redefining its positioning to creating a new logo and visual system.

Red Peak ReBranded

We believe in the idea that we’re living in an economy built on expectations. Essentially, that means an amazing experience with one thing, changes our expectations of everything else. Think about it, after Amazon how much more annoying is it to stand in line at a store?

This cross-pollination of expectation is amplified by search and social media offering research and recommendations for EVERYTHING before we ever try or buy.

This is why brands have to be ready to build value in every appearance and interaction. They have to discover and design for every moment that matters.

Brands must build an unbreakable bond. One that can last through rising expectations, shrinking loyalties, and evolving technologies.

Our process is built on the art and science of creating that bond — by looking at the head and heart, we learn what bring brands and people together.

In practical terms, we’re focused on the point of intersection between our clients and their customers. That’s where the bond is formed, that’s where we focus our efforts, and that’s what became the graphic inspiration for our new logo and visual system.

For more on Red Peak’s rebranding, be sure to read the full article on Medium and also take a peek at their striking new website!

Photo courtesy of RedPeak