RedPeak Asia Wins 2019 iF Design Award

RedPeak Asia announced an exciting milestone for their young, four-year-old office.

Their “Smart Taipei” logo design was selected as a winner of the 2019 iF Design Award, with recognition in the Brand Identity and Applications category. The result was announced on March 15, 2019 and was followed by ceremony at the BMW Welt in Munich.

The project is a collaboration between RedPeak and the Taipei City Government to build a new brand identity system for its Smart City initiative. RedPeak worked together with public institutions and the ICT community to develop the core concept – “Open Taipei, Open Possibilities“ – for this unique urban innovation project.

The idea is reflected in the logo design that incorporates both English and the Chinese character “北” (“Pei” – meaning North – in Taipei).

RedPeak Asia’s mission is to bring more Asian brands to the world. The team looks forward to continually working with the City Government on this initiative and support its promotion on the GO SMART (Global Organization of Smart Cities) initiative, a network composed of 140 city and industry members from the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Check out an overview of Smart Taipei on the iF website for more details.