Rich Talent Group Joins kyu Collective

Rich Talent Group, a firm that partners with today’s visionary companies to diversify and build transformative teams that help change the world, has joined the kyu Collective.

By advising and recruiting diverse, transformative leaders and teams, Rich Talent Group is at the forefront of the next generation of business. And in collaboration with SYPartners in particular, they will be an unstoppable force for increasing humanity and performance—as well as the creativity—of organizations around the world.

“From day one, RTG has had a deep commitment to building diverse, inclusive leadership teams and boards. That work has never been more important. But we’ve always recognized that doing that well requires more than just recruiting. That’s where partnership with other organizations that share our commitment comes in. We’ve come to regard SYPartners (part of kyu) as one of these kindred orgs. Working together on leadership summits over the years, we’ve seen how powerful our collaboration can be in building diverse, inclusive organizations where both humanity & performance thrive.

As part of kyu, we see the opportunity to scale our impact & the work of our mission while maintaining the boutique nature that makes us special and continuing to serve our clients.” - Jana Rich