Shield our Heroes

A team of IDEO designers came together to provide DIY masks for a colleague's wife working at a hospital in San Mateo, CA.

After one day of designing and prototyping, the team quickly went into production and created over six thousand face shields that are being used in the Bay Area. 

"The shields were put into immediate use by doctors and nurses who were heroically putting themselves in harms way by caring for COVID-19 patients. After one day of use we received feedback and went back to the prototyping shop to make refinements on the original design. From there we refined the design and created over one hundred shields which were distributed to various hospitals in the Bay Area for more feedback.That’s when things got serious."

Looking to their community, a GoFundMe Page has raised over $100,000 toward this project. Now, they've been able to produce and distribute more than 15,000 face shields to workers on the front line.

For more details, take a look at the video here.