Michael Birkin, CEO of kyu collective

Michael Birkin

How do we push the boundaries of what creativity can achieve? At kyu we believe passionately that a creatively-led mindset, when applied intelligently, can unlock some of the world’s biggest opportunities and problems.

As CEO, I strive to build our organization with partners who are the best in class, representing creativity in the widest sense: how products and services are designed and developed; how institutions are transformed; how brands are built and rebuilt; how to understand the science of human decision-making; and how social infrastructure is improved. In short, creativity in both art and science.

What are you most excited about for kyu’s next five years?

As kyu moves ahead, it is critical for us to demonstrate the breadth and depth of our impact–to show the power of creative cooperation. Increasingly, we are doing this in key areas such as talent and recruitment; the building of “kyu communities”; and the exploration of new working practices. Cooperation is built into the kyu DNA, and I’m excited to see where it leads our 21st century company.

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