Delivering positive change to shape the future for your business and for society

Lexington is a leading strategic communications and government affairs consultancy, with expertise across the media and politics. We work with global brands including Mars, British Airways, the Motion Picture Association, Warner Music Group and The Football Association. We have extensive experience providing fast, informed strategic advice that helps deliver against our clients' business objectives.

At the core of Lexington’s work with clients is our ambition to “Shape Tomorrow.” This means accepting that change, to organizations and the environment in which they operate, is inevitable, and by harnessing this — driving new ideas, engaging audiences, working with stakeholders — we can shape the world around organizations and deliver a positive impact.

Our fully integrated communications team do this by working and advising across public affairs, corporate communications, digital, sustainability, and social value — ensuring that our clients have an agency that can deliver a holistic approach to their communication needs.

We draw on the expertise of our senior team of former government advisers, former journalists, public affairs strategists, policy experts, data, digital and communications specialists and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advisers who offer thoughtful strategic advice to help shape engagement strategies, alongside widespread high-level connections to help put it into action.


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