A disruptive global consultancy that helps institutions that matter to thrive in the internet era.

Public Digital advises leaders in governments and large institutions around the world on serving the public better through better use of the internet. The shorthand for this is digital transformation: how to use the culture, technology, processes, and operating models of the internet era to improve the services they deliver to people.

Digital transformation is now familiar consultancy jargon. Our approach is different.

We are practitioners. We have been there and done it. We don’t sell frameworks, we tell stories - giving advice based on the things we’ve learned, successes we’ve enjoyed and mistakes we’ve made. We work with the very top of organisations - with elected ministers and CEOs. We strongly believe that digital transformation only succeeds when you bring presidents and practitioners together; driving change with a mandate and a movement.

And we are truly global. Public Digital has advised more than 30 governments and multilateral organisations around the world. We partner with other conveners like the Harvard Kennedy School to bring together a diverse community of knowledge and experience. We help organisations build teams that can deliver services to improve the lives of millions.


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