Developing highly targeted digital advertising that measurably increased awareness and adoption of HIV self-testing in Nairobi

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Kepler Group +

What was our intention? and Kepler partnered to support the launch of Niko Nao in Kenya in August. The pilot program offered HIV self-testing kits in Nairobi and aimed to both build awareness and to promote a culture of acceptance of individuals living with HIV. The two set out to deploy impactful digital ads to inform high risk communities of this self-testing option and, in turn, to increase distribution of the kits.

What did we do?
Leveraging’s research and in-depth knowledge of the market, Kepler Group developed a highly targeted Facebook marketing campaign focused on those who would most likely benefit from the knowledge of the kits and Niko Nao “ambassador” programs. To get the most out of the pilot budget of $900, Kepler limited targeting to a very specific neighborhood with especially high risk of HIV exposure. In addition, Kepler layered on age, gender, and demographic parameters. For just over a week, the team promoted Niko Nao’s Facebook posts to these target groups.

How did this drive impact?
The Facebook ads resulted in 5,000 engagements with Niko Nao posts and 900 Facebook page likes, and, most importantly, drove 114 users to contact an SMS line in order access a redemption code for a free HIV self-test kit. Of those 114 users who reached out for a redemption code, 26 used this redemption code for a free self-testing kit. The users driven by the Facebook campaign accounted for 30% of  total tests distributed by the Niko Nao initiative.

What do we aspire to do next?
Following a pitch to investors by the Niko Nao team, has secured further funding for this initiative. With the expanded funding Kepler Group plans to expand the online marketing campaign to target more individuals who are at high risk for HIV exposure and would benefit from taking an HIV self-test or participating in the Niko Nao movement. By expanding their targeting (especially geographic), they hope to reach a greater percentage of the community and make the Niko Nao movement a regional movement supporting individuals living with HIV.

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Photo courtesy of Kepler Group