Harnessing the power of movements to revitalize the pioneer of digital activism

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RedPeak + MoveOn

What was our intention?
To create a vibrant, empowering, and unified brand for MoveOn, that revitalized and reenergized the organization to build a broader, more diverse member base and harness the rise in activism across the United States.

What did we do?
RedPeak refreshed MoveOn’s brand strategy to celebrate its role as a catalyst for people powered progress in America. Building on this strategy, RedPeak armed MoveOn with a more engaging platform to mobilize its 7 million members, created a cohesive digital experience, and built a brand to empower the next generation of activists to affect real change and influence political outcomes in the US.

How did this drive impact?
This cohesive identity was a powerful tool in uniting their tremendous member-led grassroots efforts and helped to fuel the blue wave that resulted in the most diverse set of elected officials for the 2018 mid-term elections in our country’s history.

What do we aspire to do next?
Continue to support MoveOn’s progressive agenda in an effort to create an America where everyone can thrive and leverage this positive momentum to help other brands and partners ignite movements and create impact in ways that are relevant and authentic to them and their customers.

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Annie Ly-Quan

Photo courtesy of RedPeak